The ritual of preparing, cooking and serving food to hungry friends, family and strangers puts love in our hearts and fire in our bellies. 
At Burn City Smokers, we treat food as an art form and our passion is sharing this experience.

From wedding to work functions, we bring flavour and flair to any occasion. We have mastered the art of smoking with wood, combining ancient techniques with modern flavour and style.

Our menus can be tailored to suit any event with the visual theatre and mouth-watering aromas Burn City Smokers are famous for. 


about us

In the southern states of America, BBQ has a fanatical following. We have a healthy respect for this history and tradition and we draw heavily from its cooking methods.

Our food is a clear representation of Melbourne - its produce, people and food culture, hence our name ‘Burn City Smokers’.

Our food comes from a passion for ingredients, respect for quality and the providence of the meat and the ethical practices from the people who farmed it.

Get among the good stuff! 

Steve Kimonides and Raphael Guthrie